Flying Site Maintenance


June 22, 2012

Our flying site is maintained by the membership. This photo set of hard working members was taken on the Friday before the Fun Fly of 2012.

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(photos by Peter Smith)

June 15, 2014

These photos were taken of our maintenence crew hard at work - in preparation for the annual Fun Fly in 2014

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(photos by Cec Marshall)

May 23, 2015

On Saturday May 23rd, we had the best turnout ever to help get the flying field ready for the summer season!
There were 20+ members and relatives at the field, and covered the full range of ages - from teenagers to octogenarians. The dead grass areas caused by spring water pooling were raked and several mountains of earth were moved - from both the pile east of the shed, and as delivered by the tandem load! The low spots are now nicely filled, levelled, seeded, and rolled. Fortunately, the club provided the workers with much deserved coffee and donuts to keep energy levels up!
To everyone who gave so generously with their time and effort to help out - THANK YOU !!!

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(photos 1-4,9,10 & 12 by Peter Smith and 5-8 & 11 by Mark Primavera)

September 24, 2015

It was a sunny Thursday in September, with the busy summer flying season drawing to a close, when the hardworking lawn mower operators (Rino, Cecil, and Steve Dew) came up with an idea to improve the versatilty of the flying site. After completing the overall cutting and raking on the field, and repairs to the 'vintage' tractor, they prepared a 'test patch' of short grass suitable for the new breed of smaller electric models.
No time was wasted to perform a "field test". On the following day, our test model 1100mm Durafly Corsair, a tail dragger with unsprung retracts and 2" wheels made several realistic takeoffs and landings from the short grass with no problems whatsoever. This 'addition' to the field will be welcomed by many club members. Well done guys!

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(photos by Peter Smith)

October 10, 2015

A large crew converged at the field on Saturday morning to begin moving the fence. To be continued...

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(photos by Mark Primavera)

June 4, 2016

Even though there was a forecast of rain for Saturday, a dozen club members turned up to install the flight line fence. This has been planned and started last year, with the posts being installed in the fall and now the fence strung. It rained a few times, but it was light and we worked through it. The old fence and posts had to be removed and then the new fence was rolled out and installed. There was a problem with the tightness of the fence and the executive was there to decide to put a top rail on, to make the fence more solid. This is one of the final jobs to make the field ready for our Fun Fly on Saturday June 18th .
Many thanks to today's work crew: Steve Dew, George Federley, Craig Knight, Vanessa Lefebvre, Cecil Marshall, Terry Mortimore, Steve Morin, Brad Newstead, Stan Puluce, Peter Smith, Tom Thomson, and Rino Zorzi.
Thanks also to the Grounds Crew who have been busy getting the field ready for flying. We have a new landing strip that has been cut extra close to help the smaller electric planes taxi, take off, and land. This started as an experiment last year (see above) and has been well received.   ...Peter

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(photos by Peter Smith)


June 20, 2018

Pat, Rino, Vanessa, Brad, Bob, JP, and Larry were at the field today for Work Day Wednesday and BBQ.
Thanks to all that helped get the field ready for our Fun Fly 2018 on Saturday!




Photo right >>>  Vanessa models the latest in fashionable headwear!

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(photos by Peter Smith)

October 5, 2019

The recent flooding (September 30) has impacted access to the flying site. The road is passable with care. A request for repairs has been made to the city. Hopefully we can get a load of gravel.  ... Craig

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(photos by Craig Knight)

October 13, 2019

The storage container is done. Thanks to Stan, Rino, and Cecil for spending a wet Sunday morning nailing on the fascia.  Thanks also to Chris Rennison - Renno's Renovations - for providing the fascia bent to fit perfectly.    ...Craig

storage 13 oct 19 01

(photo by Craig Knight)      

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