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I received my first flying model airplane as a Christmas gift when I was eight years old. It was an "ARF". Green and white, made of vacuum formed plastic, and rubber powered. I still remember it graciously rising off the living room floor, only to gain a foot or so of altitude before hitting the window curtain on the opposite wall. That model didn't last very long, but I was hooked!
Several years would elapse before I started buiding and flying model airplanes in earnest. First, it was free flight and control line, then I sold off my electric train set to buy my first R/C system - a "used" OS PIxie single channel. I soon upgraded to a Heathkit (3 ch), then Skyleader, Cox Sanwa, Tower Hobbies, and so on...
During the seventies, I belonged to three RC clubs: the Peterborough R/C Club, K-W Flying Dutchmen, and the Soo Modellers. In Peterborough, my mentors were Ted Sharp and Alex McLeod. In Waterloo, Tom Dietrich and Frank Evans ran the local hobby shop in those days, and provided inspiration and useful advise to many. After moving to the Soo area in 1978, more guidance and inspiration were provided by master builders Dr. Nino Campana, Paul Butcher, Art Bondar (and others!).
The photos below (except the last one) were taken from 1969 thru 1981 - and represent a very different era in aeromodelling history. No electrics yet - it was glow power (with it's beloved oily residue) or nothing! Until the mid 70s, it was standard practice to cover R/C models with "silk" and dope - a painstaking and smelly process. Plastic film was just making inroads at this time. Pre-built or foam airplanes were rare, and virtually all models were built from kits, plans or from scratch.
I hope you enjoy this "blast from the past"!
Christian Moes - MAAC 7077

Photo above right - The author at 15 yrs with his Supertigre .15 powered C/L P-40 way back in the summer of 1969.

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