Weekly Indoor Updates: October & November 2014

oct 18


October 18th

The season opener was a blast - well attended, with lots of flying and very few crashes or repairs required - which is always a good thing! There were several new planes, new pilots, and a great time was had by all!

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(photos by Peter Smith)

November 1st

nov 01 
We had an excellent turnout again this week, with several new and prospective members enjoying indoor flying for the first time!
Micros reigned supreme this week - and they were in the air continuously. At times, there were six or more planes sharing the airspace - swooping, rolling, looping, and turning (mostly) left. Despite this, there were very few mid air collisions - just a few bumps and scrapes, but nothing too serious.
I had the chance to try a new design this week - "Rogallo Rick" - based on some old free flight designs from yesteryear - and modernized with a Parkzone Ember II Rx and P-51 gearmotor It's a great flyer, with a wide speed range, and R/C models don't get any simpler than this! Contact us if you would like a copy of the plans.
The highlight of the day was when the two Terrys - both expert pilots - flew their UMX Radians in formation. It was a sight to behold, especially with all those other planes buzzing around them. Peter (far right) was able to snap some super photos (below). 

Click on the photos below to enlarge and read the captions.  (photos by Peter Smith)

November 8th

Nov 08
A wide variety of flying machines were airborne again this week, and what a pleasure to see a steady improvement in the flying skills of club members - new and old. Practice, practice, practice...
My new twin rotor gyrocopter achieved something of a milestone - the first 'sustained' flight by a gyrocopter at the Henry! It is stable and flies quite well, but the 1S outrunner (12W) needs to be at near full throttle to stay airborne. Not exactly an efficient flying machine!
As seen in our lead photo (left) we've found a new use for the Airbug! With experienced glider tug pilot Tom (far left) at the controls of the 'bug, and a Dacron towline with a length of approx. 3m less than the ceiling height, success was achieved! We made several circuits around the gym, with the glider in tow - narrowly missing the nets and walls. On release, the glider performs surprisingly well - and can easily return to the takeoff point. See last photo!
Thanks to Peter Smith for these amazing in flight photos!

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nov 15

November 15th

Lots of new faces in the gym again this week, and what great fun we had!
The father/son team of Jason and Shale brought a pair of Night Vapors, and learned first hand how easy it is to inadvertently bind two micros to the same transmitter! Once this was sorted out, and a few trim adjustments made, the two Vapors were soon airborne and made several successful training missions. It was a pleasure to see Marc Roy and young Spencer back again this year, and Spencer got lots of stick time on his Cub, Avitron, and Airbug.
And speaking of such - the Airbugs were back! Our resident race-master (Cecil) kept the rambunctious racers in line - and we enjoyed a series of 5 lap heat races and grudge matches. As usual - grandson Matt was first around the boxes in the heat races, but faded in the feature, and was nudged out by one of the 'older fellas'... Making up the rules as he goes, the second and third place drivers had to accept the race-master's 'consolation' prize - a circuit 'round the gym on foot! You just had to be there...
We were also pleased to have new flyer Ryan join us this week, enjoying the thrills and spills of indoor R/C for the first time - and says he'll be back!
See ya'll next Saturday!

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(photos by Peter Smith)

nov 22

November 22nd

Our lead photo this week shows what can happen to unwary visitors at the gym on Saturday afternoons. The fine gentleman on the right did not even have time to remove his hat or coat, before being handed the transmitter for an airborne airplane! And the airplane? A Night Vapor towing a yellow streamer (first photo below).
And what a sight! At times there were 5 or 6 Night Vapors - with blue, red, yellow, and purple streamers flying together! One flyer commented - it looked strangely like a swarrm of fireflies on a summer evening... Oh yes... and there was some 'friendly' Night Vapor combat as well. At one point, Terry B. tempted all the other pilots with a very long multi-coloured streamer - soon to be snagged by Chris - bringing both Vapors gracefully back to the gym floor. No damage, but the attacker's motor was "gift wrapped" with tighly wrapped pink tissue. Despite several attempts, Tia's purple streamer remained 'un-cut' - but we'll be back! 
The Airbugs were back again this week - and several low flying aircraft joined in during the 'races" as seen in this week's video!

Click on the photos below to enlarge and read the captions. (photos by Christian Moes)

November 29th

Lots of action at the gym this week, and a bumper crop of excellent photos - courtesy of two photographers!

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(photos by Mark Primavera and Peter Smith)

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