Weekly Indoor Updates: January thru April 2014


January 11th

Our kick-off session for the New Year was a busy one – as the buzz of tiny electric motors filled the air for 3 hours in the gym non-stop. So busy in fact – that the photographers had precious little time for pictures. Fortunately, Peter Smith managed to snap a few pics, as I didn’t even take my camera out of the flight box.
Here’s Peter’s new micro Phil Kraft Ugly Stik. At 24” span – it performs very well with a 1S outrunner – much like it’s older, bigger, and noisier brother.
And the strangest bird to fly in the gym so far this year...   my 1/32 scale Handley Page Heyford (British) inter-war bomber. This was it’s first test flight – and looks very promising – slow and realistic. Come to the gym next week and see it fly with final decoration, scale details, and aircrew of four (we hope!). 28” span and powered by a pair of Parkzone P-51 gearmotors.

(photos by Peter Smith)

January 18th

Wow!!!   You name it... and we had it airborne in the gym on Saturday...
New this week - the Avitron 2.0 bionic bird is absolutely amazing – and is highly recommended !!!
I purchased mine at Robotshop (Canada) for $99 plus shipping & our beloved HST. Order today , you may have it in time for next weekend? Perfect for indoors and calm summer evenings (oh... so far away!) it will great fun to fly this one in the back yard or park! <<< More info here >>>


(photos by Peter Smith)

February 1st & 8th

The attendance was down a bit during the first two sessions of the month, but the indoor flying action was non-stop as usual... At times – there were several aircraft sharing the same airspace – yet I don’t recall a single mid-air collision. Are we learning at last??? Nah.... just lucky, I think!
A big WELCOME to our newest member, Terry Bariciak!
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(photos by Peter Smith)

February 15th

Tom was kind enough to bring his Parkzone Mossie for the sole purpose of taking the second photo in this set. These models are almost exactly the same scale (1/32) and illustrate the remarkable advance in aircraft development in less than a decade! The Handley Page Heyford bomber, which entered service in 1934, was much larger and had less than 1/2 the total horsepower of the Mosquito fighter/bomber introduced in 1941 (1300 hp vs. 3000+ hp). In model form – they both share the same AR6400 Rx and propellers – but the Heyford has more Watts! Black back P-51 gearmotors vs. white back Mossie gearmotors. The model Heyford flies slowly and is quite manageable the gym - whereas the Mossie is much too fast....
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(photos by Peter Smith)

February 23rd

Thanks again to Peter for some excellent photos this week – except for the first one (be me) which I had to include as it’s so rare I actually snap one in focus!
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(photos by Peter Smith)

March 1st

The month of March came in like a lion, but the flying weather was perfect inside the gym on Saturday, March 1, 2014
The highlight of the session was micro RC pylon "racing" - if you call it that... Two helium balloons are required for the pylons, so I bought three. As I left Dollarama, the lion that I mentioned at the beginning of this feature played a little trick. I was no more than a few meters from the door, when the fierce wind ripped two of the balloons from their plastic strips and I stood helpless as they drifted downwind high above the roof of Churchill Plaza - heading towards the East end of the city.
So, it was back to the store with one balloon and three plastic strips, and were cheerfully refunded - and I headed back outside with three balloons and three sticks - grasped firmly at the connection point. Did I mention I bought a hula hoop too? The guy at the counter asked if we were having a circus.
All three units arrived safely in the gym - but soon after using them as airbug pylons (not recommended) - one was broken - and we're down to two. Good thing I bought three.
Just as the planes were in the grid - and ready for the first race, disaster struck! Clearly, they had a bad batch of tape that day at the balloon factory, and #1 pylon was now high in the rafters.
Aeromodellers...  being ingenious types.... Soon had a solution - in the form of a long stick, a hockey stick, and (what else?) duct tape. Working as a team - the two pictures near the end this set tell the rest of the story. With both pylons in place (and securely taped) - the pylon races were a hoot, as always!
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(photos by Peter Smith)

March 22nd

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(photos by Peter Smith)

March 29th 

We had two special events at the gym this week for the micros - Aircraft Carrier and Pylon Racing!
Many thanks to Cec for bringing the prizes - including ribbons, stickers, and life savers - yum!
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(photos by Christian Moes & Peter Smith)

April 5, 2014

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(photos by Peter Smith)

April 12, 2014

All good things must come to an end, and so it was with our best indoor season ever, on Saturday!
Thanks to Craig as always for making arrangements with the school board and managing the funds.
And thanks to everyone who participated - especially the younger flyers! It has been a real treat to have you fly with us in the gym each week. We look forward to seeing everyone flying indoors again next fall...
In the meantime... See you at the field!
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(photos by Christian Moes & Peter Smith)

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