Indoor Updates for Season Six - 2011/2012

October 15, 2011

The weather was perfect for our first indoor flying session of the season yesterday - howling winds and driving rain outside - and we all agreed it was a great day to be indoors!
We greeted each other with big smiles, and showed off our latest "indoor" flying machines - including some of the latest hardware from Parkzone (a couple of Polecats, Corsairs, and a Mossie) - and a variety of foamies. The nets were lowered (Thanks, Terry), benches pulled out, and the boxes of shiny new models were lined up - as many would be making their much anticipated maiden flights. We were all very keen to fill the gym once again with the buzzing sound of tiny propellers when... The lights went out!
When I was a schoolboy, just a few short years ago... ahem...   this would have been a wonderful thing and a source of great jubilation! It doesn't get better than this - having your studies interrupted by a power failure!
But while flying indoor RC? What a drag...
Fortunately, we had a Night Vapor on hand - so many of us got had chance to try it, as we sat in the shadows of the emergency lights and glow of the exit signs. We were soon informed that the power outage affected the Alexander Henry school only, and with the nasty weather outside, the work crews were busy working all over town. We waited for a while, but realizing that restoring power to a high school on Saturday afternoon was probably not a high priority, the planes were packed up, and we headed for home. Oh well...
See you next week! Alexander Henry. 1:00pm - 4:00pm. Hopefully, they should have the power on by then...

October 29, 2011

After two postponements, the indoor season finally got off to a flying start (pun intended) on Saturday - with an excellent turnout, and a wide variety of airplanes - many of which made their maiden flights.
Andrew brought his "outdoor" type EPP foamie, and dazzled us with his rolling circles. Not bad for his first indoor session.
Of course, the blue foamies were back as well - and Craig was kind enough to distribute a few of Gaston's new kits obtained from the trip to Sudbury last week. Craig already has a "Sbach 342" under construction - and it looks like another winner.

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(photos by Peter Smith)

November 5, 2011

Despite other attractions such as the big curling match and the beautiful weather outside, we had an excellent turnout again this week. However, it appears that our regular photographer was lured by the former - thus no pics until next time.
The overall quality of flying was superb. Some excellent techniques were demonstrated - especially by our younger members, but also by some the more "seasoned" types - who are developing to the special skills required to fly indoors.
Terry's triplane was back and flies exceptionally well. My new profile RE8 was built to the same scale (1:24) and also flies quite slowly, but we did not get a chance to fly the two WW1 types together - maybe next week. Rino's Sumo churned up the air, as did Craig's and Andrew's aerobatic types. These guys just seem to get better with each session.
The highlight this week came late in the session as young Peter and his capable assistant (mom) started unraveling about 7 or 8 meters of dental floss - and it was clear that they were up to no good... Moments later, Peter's micro airplane was airborne - with a freeflight balsa glider (which he built himself) in tow! It was quite a site, and a new first for the club - a fully controlled aerial tow of a glider - indoors! Great job Peter!

November 19, 2011

There was certainly no lack of variety at this week's indoor session. The Blue Foamies and Sumos were there in numbers, and at one point there were five Sumos flying together - what a sound! Wall sticking continues to be a popular Sumo trick - but getting unstuck (while remaining airborne) is a challenge.

We had a couple of "firsts" this week, but with strings attached!
The amazing Mercurian Mite made the first successful control line flight in the gym - for all of 20 seconds (set by the onboard timer). The second flight didn't last quite as long. With a flying weight of only 25g (!), we are having a tough time keeping those Dacron lines taught - and will have to find some string with a little less drag. Otherwise... it's great fun, and you don't have to worry about hitting the walls!
We also made the first aerial tow of a scale RC sailplane at the Henry (that we know of) - with mixed success. Sir Jasper had no lack of willpower, but not enough thrust for the job. So we coupled up George's Blue Foamie to the Emouchet, and after figuring out the optimum towline attachment point on the Yak by trial and error (on the top of canopy), we almost (!) made a full circuit, and are confident we can master this trick with some practice (and after a few "minor" repairs).
Other highlights this week included "Little Bill" - equipped with Plantraco gear and a Deltang 2.4Ghz Rx - flying weight 5g, wing span 10". The gym seems HUGE compared to this little fellow.
The "regular" micros were there as well - and it is always quite thrilling to watch six or more of these in the circuit together.

November 26, 2011

The gym at the Henry was buzzing again this week with the sound of tiny propellers.
It was great to see newcomer Aaron - flying his Ember for the first time in the gym - and he seemed to be handling it very well.
A new and very patriotic (!) Sumo took to the air for the first time, in the hands of Steve Dew. Clearly, he will soon be the master of this strange beast, and the minor damage caused by a "fancy landing" (that's what we call them here on the island) will be fixed in no time with a bit of POR.
Cec let me try his new "S-Bach" blue foamie - it flies well, but handles differently than the Yak - and we're not sure yet which version we prefer...
Andrew installed a landing gear and some wheels on his crazy EPP outdoor foamie - and it was a good thing to... as he spent most of the time taxiing around on the floor at high speed - pretending it was a race car (a Ford, no doubt) - as his elevator servo was "non-functional".
Peter took a break from camera duties, and was brave enough to try his new Polecat - but it is a speedy little devil, and doesn't respond well enough to rudder to be comfortable indoors. It went home in one piece, anyway.
Dan's Champ just keeps on ticking... circuit after circuit... and we suspect the gearmotor is well past its TBO (Time Between Overall).
Craig was there too - but all he brought was a nasty cold, and hope he's feeling better.

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(photos by Peter Smith)

December 2011

Photos this month courtesy of Peter Smith

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January 2012

More awesome photos this month courtesy of Peter Smith

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February 4, 2012

Photos this week courtesy of Peter Smith

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February 11, 2012

The gym at Alexander Henry was buzzing again this week – and at times, there were as many as six aircraft airborne at the same time. Quite a thrill!

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(photos by Peter Smith)

February 25, 2012

It was a rather small group in the gym this past Saturday, but we had lots of fun anyway!
The FINAL SESSION of the season will be on Saturday March 3rd – and as it turns out – this may be our last chance to fly at Alexander Henry – so I hope everyone makes an effort to attend.

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(photos by Peter Smith)

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