Echoes from Far Valley - 2019

During winter months, members of the Far Valley Model Flying Club fly indoors with the Soo Modellers, but we can't wait to begin our outdoor activities in the springtime. Latest indoor pics here.
Our well maintained flying site is situated on beautiful St. Joseph Island, where we have flown since the 1980s. We are a multi disciplinary club, and although R/C (electric & glow) remains our primary interest, we also enjoy free-flight (with or without R/C assist) and control line flying models.
For more information about the club, contact us and we'll put you in touch!


April 24th - First Flight of the Season

far valley apr 24
The first flight of the season was on Wednesday April 24th with my "Skygipsy Twin". The morning weather was calm and sunny - and the temperaure a balmy +7ÂșC. The field is still a bit "damp" at this end, but is drying out quickly!

April 28th - Opening Day!

apr 28 2019

(l-r) Bernie's Swiss Miss, Po-2 & mini Robot, Greg's Stik, Tundra & Bloody Baron, Chris' Barnstormer & Rebel Too

The weather on Sunday morning was perfect: calm, sunny, and warm - and the flying field is drying out nicely!

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(photos by C. Moes)

May 5th - Sunday Morning

The field continues to dry out and has been rolled to smooth the bumps.
Earl brought two brand new semi-scale airplanes, and both made successful maiden flights. These models are expertly built of foamboard, and leave no doubt that Earl has mastered the use of this building material. His unusual Wagner Twin Cub flies very well, despite it's unusual appearance, and the two overlapping propellors make an unusual sound! His latest Pietenpol has some outstanding scale details, and this one is the best flyer to date!
Greg, Bernie & Chris also made several flights, including some glider towing. No lost airplanes, no crashes, no repairs, and the chainsaw was not needed - so all in all, a most enjoyable and successful flying session!

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(photos by C. Moes, except # 6 & 7 by Bernie Helbling)

May 13th - Happy Monday

Earl, Greg, Bernie & Chris enjoyed some excellent flying weather this morning - no wind, although somewhat overcast. This added to the challenge of flying (and taking photos!)  - as at times, the planes became mere silhouettes against the grey background.  Nevertheless, a successful session - lots of flying - and no serious "incidents"!

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(photos #1-3 by C. Moes, #4 by Bernie Helbling)

June 16th & 17th - Two maiden flights... and a special guest too!

In addition to the Far Valley "regulars" (Bernie, Earl, Greg & Chris) Peter Smith joined us on Sunday morning to enjoy the superb flying weather. Peter flew his latest "Twisted Hobbys" models - these models well suited for outdoor flying in calm weather.
My new Avro 504N isn't quite finished yet, and still needs a few more scale details - plus pilot!, but is now airworthy. It's first flight was on Sunday, followed by several more on both days. Powered by a "new-in-box" OS FS-40S (4 stroke), It's a fine flier - very realistic, and oh what a lovely sound!
On Monday morning, Greg and I had the field to ourselves. After much ground testing of the .46 engine, which went a swim in Leigh's Bay last season (see pic - Aug 23), Greg was brave enough to put his Great Planes PT-19 ARF into the air for it's maiden flight. Also missing some final details, such as the cowling & markings, the model flies well. Although the landing speed is a bit high for our small field, Greg managed to put her down safely - with a sigh of relief!

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(photos #1-12 by Peter Smith & 13-15 by C. Moes)

June 23rd - First flight of the Vampire!

It was superb flying weather again this Sunday - for model planes and mosquitoes!
Bernie made several lengthy glider flights, and discovered thermal activity over the neighbour's new gravel driveway (East of our field). We joked about suggesting that he follow up with a nice layer of black asphalt. Not likely...  it's a very long driveway.
Earl & Chris also made several flights, but the highlight of the day was the first flight of Greg's HobbyKing Vampire EDF (Electric Ducted Fan). It had some "issues" last season - now resolved. The Vampire is an excellent flyer - but is a real floater on landing - and requires a skilled technique to hit the field and land safely. The landing gear on these models is fragile - but survived to fly another day. Bravo, Greg!  

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(photos by Bernie Helbling, Earl Turner, and C. Moes)

June 30th - Flying in circles...

Superb flying weather again this weekend, with lots of early morning R/C flying, including a special guest - Soo Modeller Pat Leonard - who flew his amazing Flex QQ on Saturday morning.
On Sunday morning, we decided the field had dried out enough for some control line flying. Earl flew his foamboard electric "Mid Wing Special". This model has already made several flights indoors at the Northern Community Centre,  but this was it's first appearance outdoors. It's a smooth flyer and uses R/C throttle control. This setup enables smooth unassisted takeoffs and landings, and gives the option of slowing down a bit if the pilot gets dizzy - not that this ever happens of course!
Chris' vintage "Chief" stunter also made several flights. No trouble getting the OS Max .25 started either - which is a bit unusual. No throttle on this plane - just fly 'till the fuel runs out.

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(photos by Earl Turner, and C. Moes)

July 7th - The Swiss Miss gets a makeover

A busy Sunday morning at the field!

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(photos by C. Moes)

jul 28

July 28 - Sunday morning

The morning started with a bit of fog, so one-by one, the slower airplanes: Greg's Sopwith and Earl's Pietenpol bravely blew away the mist. Soon, the sky was clear, with lovely morning sunshine and only a hint of a breeze, so flight operations at Far Valley were soon in full swing.
Long time Soo Modeller Pat Leonard has become a "regular" here at Far Valley; his electric Flex QQ aerobat being well suited for our small field (photo left).
Greg is stiil adjusting to his new "green scheme" Durafly Tundra. He misses his previous "purple scheme" version (second photo, top of page) - which met it's demise earlier this season.
Earl practiced his landing technique with his electric Piper Cub J-2 and made some beautiful touchdowns. Lesson learned: It's all in the approach!
Chris made several flights with his new Avro 504N, and is very pleased with it's flight characteristics. We all love the sound and smoke trail of the OS 40 Surpass four stroke.
And yes... once again, we relived our youth with some noisy .049 control line models, including the first flight of Chris' new "Baby Mustang". What fun! Click on the thumbnail (right) to see the video. >>>
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(photos by C. Moes)


Our primary interest at Far Valley is R/C - and a wide variety of R/C aircraft flew at our small patch during the month - from the buzz of small electrics to the sweet "put-put-put" of my slow flying Avro 504N biplane (56" span - OS .40 4-stroke). However, we dabble in other forms of aeromodelling as well...
Bernie built this simple free-flight rubber powered "Sig Cub" last fall, but it was late in the "outdoor" season, but we couldn't get it to fly right.This season, we gave it another try, and after removing a few warps and adjusting the CG (centre of gravity), the model flies beautifully! Click on the image (left) to see the video - taken on August 2nd.
The original "Flite Streak" control line model was designed by George Aldrich in the late 1950s, later released as a kit by Top Flite, and was very popular back "in the day". Chris built the version seen in this video (click on image right) from the Brodak kit. Wing span is 42" and it is powered by O.S. Max .25 glow engine (two cycle). Lines are 60 ft braided stainless steel (.015"). The model is a very smooth flyer, the pilot still needs work.
The set of photos below was taken on Aug 25th. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge and read the captions.

(photos by C. Moes)

September 1st

 swiss missPhoto above: Bernie's glider "Swiss Miss" heads for home. Peter, Greg & Chris on the far right.
Click on the image for the latest video!!!
It was a busy Sunday morning here in the valley - with pilots Bernie, Earl, Greg, Peter, and Chris flying a wide variety of flying machines and enjoying the excellent flying weather 'till almost noon.

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(photos 1-7 by C. Moes, 8-10 by Peter Smith)

September 28 & 29

sep 28
All models in this photo (taken Saturday) flew on the weekend. Plus a few more !!!
We enjoyed some fine flying weather on the last weekend of the month - both Saturday & Sunday mornings. The patch looking much greener now after the recent rains. As usual, we flew a wide range of models - both I/C & electric powered - mostly R/C but a handful of C/L thrown in for fun!
"Little Toot" was one of a series of Carl Goldberg .049 C/L model kits available in the 60s and 70s - suitable for beginners. This tiny biplane was my first ever glow powered model, way back in 1966. It actually flew - but only made the "classic" uncontrolled wing-over and crash, and never flew again.
This new version was built from the instruction sheet and tracings at: Outerzone . It "flies" at least, but not very well, and is a real handful to keep it airborne - as seen in the video (right), Further adjustments required...
Earl's C/L foamboard "Midwing Special" is another story altogether!
A very smooth flyer, Earl continues to improve the design, and on Sunday, we tested a Huban C/L Timer - which has been installed in lieu of the R/C receiver to provide control input to the ESC. We especially like the 15 second delay between energizing the system and motor star - which gives plenty of time to walk out to the handle and test the controls before takeoff. See video (right).

(photos by C. Moes)

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November 26 - Last Flight of the Season

Our last flight of the season was on a grey Tuesday morning. The snow from two weeks ago had melted, but the white stuff would return a day later (Wednesday) thanks to an early winter snowstorm. Far Valley is now closed for the season, and we will be back in the spring!
In the meantime, See you in the gym !!!

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(photos by C. Moes)

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