Echoes from Far Valley - 2019

During winter months, members of the Far Valley Model Flying Club fly indoors with the Soo Modellers, but we can't wait to begin our outdoor activities in the springtime. The flying season is now underway!
Our well maintained flying site is situated on beautiful St. Joseph Island, where we have flown since the 1980s. We are a multi disciplinary club, and although R/C (electric & glow) remains our primary interest, we also enjoy free-flight (with or without R/C assist) and control line flying models.
For more information about the club, contact us and we'll put you in touch!


April 24th - First Flight of the Season

far valley apr 24
The first flight of the season was on Wednesday April 24th with my "Skygipsy Twin". The morning weather was calm and sunny - and the temperaure a balmy +7ÂșC. The field is still a bit "damp" at this end, but is drying out quickly!

April 28th - Opening Day!

apr 28 2019

(l-r) Bernie's Swiss Miss, Po-2 & mini Robot, Greg's Stik, Tundra & Bloody Baron, Chris' Barnstormer & Rebel Too

The weather on Sunday morning was perfect: calm, sunny, and warm - and the flying field is drying out nicely!

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(photos by C. Moes)

May 5th - Sunday Morning

The field continues to dry out and has been rolled to smooth the bumps.
Earl brought two brand new semi-scale airplanes, and both made successful maiden flights. These models are expertly built of foamboard, and leave no doubt that Earl has mastered the use of this building material. His unusual Wagner Twin Cub flies very well, despite it's unusual appearance, and the two overlapping propellors make an unusual sound! His latest Pietenpol has some outstanding scale details, and this one is the best flyer to date!
Greg, Bernie & Chris also made several flights, including some glider towing. No lost airplanes, no crashes, no repairs, and the chainsaw was not needed - so all in all, a most enjoyable and successful flying session!

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(photos by C. Moes, except # 6 & 7 by Bernie Helbling)

May 13th - Happy Monday

Earl, Greg, Bernie & Chris enjoyed some excellent flying weather this morning - no wind, although somewhat overcast. This added to the challenge of flying (and taking photos!)  - as at times, the planes became mere silhouettes against the grey background.  Nevertheless, a successful session - lots of flying - and no serious "incidents"!

Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge the photos and read the captions.

(photos #1-3 by C. Moes, #4 by Bernie Helbling)

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