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Club meeting tonight - Thursday Apr 27th

7:00pm - Bushplane Centre

This will be the final 'regular' meeting until the fall. Agenda items will include MAAC's model identification policy, a report from the drone committee (Tom T.) and a review of field rules etc.(Terry M.)
Members: Click the cap for minutes of previous meetings.

apr 14 06

Flying site now open...

The Flying Site is now OPEN for the season!
The roadway is still quite soft, so please take care not to make any ruts.
Click on Mark launching his 'gently used' Radian on Good Friday April 14th (right) for the latest photos in the PICS menu above.

(photo by Peter Smith)



Can we see your MAAC # please?

At one time, it was standard practice to proudly display your MAAC # on the right wing, as well as your name, address, and phone number - more discretely elsewhere on the plane - usually a "Dymo" label. Flyaways and lost models were common in those days. Times have changed... or have they?
MAAC's current policy states: "every model must contain at a minimum, the owners name and MAAC number and the web link www.maac.ca
in a location visible without the need for disassembly".
So, what better time, with flying season 'round the corner, to decorate your models with your MAAC number - plus the additional info to suit. Without his MAAC number on this high performance pattern ship (above), who would guess that it belongs to Cec Marshall?


OK guys, what's going on here?

At the club's regular meeting on April 13th, the annual Stan Lyons award was presented to Tom Thompson and Matt Dunlop demonstrated the potential of a 3D printer to make useful components for the RC modeller (seen here).
Click on the pic (right) for more photos in the PICS menu above.

(photo by Craig Knight)

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